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The massive starship Enterprise was caught in the middle of a devastating meteorite storm!


Damaged in a meteorite storm, the Enterprise puts down on a moon for repairs. As maintenance teams get to work, the ship and her crew find themselves in the middle of a missile testing zone.

Memorable quotesEdit

"I'm not sure I like this spot, Skipper! It – it has the smell of doom about it!"

- Spock

"Scotty! I've got them! I've raised the aliens!"
"My oath! Tell them the position, Uhura! Get them to abort their test shot... at all costs!"

- Uhura and Scotty

Background information Edit

Setting and technologyEdit

Enterprise needs repairs

The Enterprise is struck by a meteor, damaging its engine

  • Chekov is aboard, placing the story between 2267 and 2269.
  • The Enterprise has a landing jet placed at the bottom of the main engineering hull.
  • A rocket is used as a probe for planet exploration.
  • One of the shuttles has the registry 1701-3. Shuttle "NCC-1701/3" was named Icarus in the apocryphal story "The Flat, Gold Forever".

Publishing historyEdit

None of the UK weekly stories had titles.


Regular castEdit

Other charactersEdit

  • Morton, Enterprise redshirt
  • Ferris, Enterprise crewman

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