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Turkana IV surface

Ruins of Turkana City

Turkana City (also known as Turkana colony) was the main settlement on the planet Turkana IV.

The city originally consisted of a large settlement on the planet's surface, but those structures were destroyed in the civil war raging on the planet and the colonists moved underground into structures that extended nearly three kilometers beneath the former city.

In 2367, one side of the city was run by the Coalition, the other by the Turkana IV Alliance. The latter maintained two main headquarters and thirteen ancillary bases of operation in their part of the city.

Two power generation plants were located in the lowest levels of the city, close to the two Alliance headquarters. The ventilation and recirculation complex was located close to the surface, as were two access tunnels. The underground city was further equipped with a residential complex, botanical sections, and a waste management plant. The King Mei was a recreational facility in the city.

Turkana City map

A map of the underground part of Turkana City

When the escape pod of the Arcos landed near the city, it was taken underground and kept at level 3C, section 547 of the Alliance-controlled part of the city. Level 2, tunnel 16 was also controlled by the Alliance. A transformer substation was located directly above this section of the city.

The two survivors of the destruction of the Arcos, Tan Tsu and the pilot of the ship, were held captive close to one of the two headquarters. Using transporters to rescue the hostages and beam them to the USS Enterprise-D proved impossible as they were kept underneath a layer of two kilometers of solid granite. A storage tunnel was located directly above the Alliance headquarters, however, and after phaser-drilling a tunnel to this location, beaming down an away team was possible. (TNG: "Legacy")

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