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Actor Tucker Smallwood (born 22 February 1944; age 73) has appeared in recent Star Trek productions numerous times. He is best known in Star Trek for his recurring portrayal of the Xindi-Primate councilor in ENT Season 3, which he himself named "Depac". [1]. He first appeared on Trek portraying Admiral Bullock in VOY: "In the Flesh". He is also known to genre fans as Commodore Glen Van Ross in Fox television's Space: Above and Beyond (which co-starred Lanei Chapman), and has appeared as a guest star on Babylon 5 alongside Andreas Katsulas, Bill Mumy, and guest star Kitty Swink. He also appeared in a small role in Deep Impact, which also featured Denise Crosby. He's recently appeared as God alongside fellow Voyager alumnus Sarah Silverman in the episode "Batteries" of her Sarah Silverman Program.

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