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Tropolisine was a psychotropic compound known for its hallucinogenic effects. Normally found in certain flowering plants, each tropolisine atom contained a stray neutron. Once it started to break down in a humanoid's bloodstream it released an undetectable toxin.

In 2151, while exploring an uncharted M-class planet later named Archer IV, the crew of Enterprise NX-01 became affected by tropolisine that was blown down from the mountains during a windstorm. It was discovered by Dr. Phlox that inaprovaline, combined with being removed from the pollen-saturated environment would allow the effects of tropolisine to dissipate. (ENT: "Strange New World")

By the early 23rd century, a permanent cure for the hallucinogenic effects of tropolisine had been found, allowing Humans to settle the planet. ("In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II", personnel file)

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