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You may also be looking for trititanium, tritanium or titanium.

Tritium was a basic atomic element, it is an isotope of hydrogen. Its nucleus consisted of a proton and two neutrons.

Tritium, similar to deuterium, was used as fuel in matter-antimatter reactions aboard starships like the USS Enterprise-D. (TNG: "Galaxy's Child")

Ionized tritium gas could be used to source the location of power outages, as was done aboard Deep Space 9 station in 2369. (DS9: "Q-Less")

In late 2375, tritium proved to be extremely important in helping the Federation Alliance to win the Dominion War. A Klingon chief engineer aboard the IKS Ki'tang adjusted the tritium intermix to compensate for a warp core containment problem. During the Second Battle of Chin'toka, the tritium made the ship invulnerable to the Breen energy dampening weapon. (DS9: "When It Rains...")

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