Trill script

Trill written language

Trill monitor

A Trill desktop monitor

The Trill language was the spoken language of the Trill.

When performing the zhian'tara ceremony, a Guardian says a special ritual over a vat of symbiont mud, to transfer the telepathic presence of a previous host. (DS9: "Facets")

The Trill written language is composed of rounded-triangles with squiggly lines in them. It could be read by Miles O'Brien. (DS9: "Equilibrium", "Prodigal Daughter")

Examples of spoken TrillEdit


I'nora, ja'kala Dax... zhian'shee, Lela tanus rem...Gon'dar, Jadzia-tor...

(The Guardian reaches and places a hand to the small of Dax's back, then to the back of Kira's head...)

Jadzia, zhian'tara vok... Tu Dax, zhian'tani ress... Zhian'par, Lela aru'koj...

Transfer of personality of Lela Dax from Jadzia Dax.

Jadzia, zhian'tara vok... Tu Dax, zhian'tani ress... Zhian'par, Odo garu'koj...

Transfer of personality of Curzon Dax from Jadzia Dax to Odo.

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