The Triannon language was a spoken language used by Triannons.

On board Enterprise NX-01 in 2153, the language was at least briefly used by Triannon Pri'Nam D'Jamat and a Triannon under his command. They spoke Triannon to each other, via communicator, moments before the latter Triannon individual committed ritual suicide as a form of terrorism. (ENT: "Chosen Realm")

Triannon suicide dialogueEdit

The formatting, spelling and scripted pronunciations of this dialogue have been taken from the final draft script of "Chosen Realm". The scripted pronunciations, taken from the teleplay's pronunciation guide, are displayed directly below each Triannon statement.

D'Jamat: "Yash-mirik-ol’cala..."

"yash-MIH-rik ol-KAH-lah"

Triannon subordinate: "Cala d'tash..."

"KAH-lah dih–TOSH"
In the script, this was identified as a reply to D'Jamat.

Triannon subordinate: "Shi-kal venas ti'kal"

"she-KAHL vee-NAHS tee-KAHL"
In the script, this was identified as a prayer.

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