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Triannon from orbit

Type: Planet
Native Species: Triannon
Location: Muratas Star Cluster
Delphic Expanse
Triannon surface.jpg

The surface of Triannon

For the former inhabitants of this planet, please see Triannon.

Triannon was an inhabited planet located in the Muratas Star Cluster in the Delphic Expanse; it was home to the Triannon people. It was located 6.3 light years from the 12th Sphere.

From the 2050s, Triannon was wracked by a religious war. This war finally ended in March of 2153, but at a terrible cost. Both sides were decimated, all the major cities were destroyed. Millions of Triannon were killed. (ENT: "Chosen Realm")

Triannon homeworld

A non-devastated Triannon from a deleted scene

In the final draft script of "Chosen Realm", the devastated surface of Triannon shown in that episode was referred to as the planet's capital city.
A deleted scene contained a picture of the surface of Triannon before destruction hit.
According to, Triannon was a M-class planet.

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