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D'Jamat, a Triannon male.


Indava, a Triannon female.

The Triannons are a humanoid race from the planet Triannon, which is located in the Muratas Cluster in the Delphic Expanse.

Triannon technology is vastly inferior to that of the 22nd century Starfleet; it takes one of their ships a year to travel 6.3 light years. They do not have transporters, nor do they have any experience with them.

The Triannons have a strong religious faith; they believe that the Delphic Expanse spheres were created by gods they call the Makers. They believe the Expanse is the "Chosen Realm" of the Makers, who are supposedly using the spatial anomalies ("the Makers' Breath") to reshape space to create a paradise in anticipation of their eventual return. They claim there are thousands of spheres, though more scientific Xindi analyses have shown that there are about 78.

The Triannons venerate the spheres through prayers and meditation, often taking pilgrimages months long to see them. However, traveling through a sphere's cloaking barrier, landing on it, or going inside it were all terrible acts of desecration punishable by death. They stated upon boarding Enterprise that among their many beliefs include an aversion to invasive medical care; they do not allow detailed bioscans, but this might have been a ploy to avoid detection of the organic explosives embedded within their bodies.

Triannon internal scan

Internal scan of a Triannon

In the mid-21st century, a religious war broke out on Triannon between the major factions of their religion. One faction (an influential member of which was Pri'Nam D'Jamat) believed the Chosen Realm was created in nine days; this faction is indicated by red tattoos on the right side of the face. The other faction believes the creation took ten days; they bear black markings on the left of the face.

In March 2153 the war was finally ended. In the closing of the war, Triannon was laid waste. Both sides were decimated, as were all major cities on the planet. Millions were killed.

Triannon vessel

Triannon vessel

The group of Triannons serving on D'Jamat's ship was unaware of this, however, as they had been on a pilgrimage to the 12th sphere. In November of that year, they hijacked the NX-01 Enterprise using the powerful organic explosives laced within their bodies. D'Jamat planned to use the powerful starship to end the war once and for all, but following a brief battle with the "heretics" the Enterprise crew successfully took the ship back and returned D'Jamat to his homeworld, showing him what had happened to it. (ENT: "Chosen Realm")


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