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The Tri-City Speedway was an automobile racetrack located near Detroit, Michigan during the early 21st century.

When Jonathan Archer and T'Pol entered and activated a Dodge Ram they "borrowed" while visiting Detroit, in the year 2004, the radio came on announcing an all-star monster truck rally that was taking place at the Tri-City Speedway on the upcoming Sunday.

Just before Archer was able to turn the radio off, the ad was heard stating: "Sunday, the Tri-City Speedway, an all-star line-up of all your favorite monster mayhem..." (ENT: "Carpenter Street")

There are several "Tri-City Speedways" found in the United States of America, with at least one similarly-named speedway, the Tri-City Motor Speedway, located in Eastern Michigan, which this reference may be reflecting.

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