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Trelane's parents Edit

Trelane's parents

Trelane's Parents

Towards the end of James T. Kirk's encounter with Trelane in 2267, Trelane's parents revealed themselves. Appearing as little more than indistinct, oddly pulsating, translucent green blobs, these beings chastised their errant son and removed him from the surface of Gothos. They spoke in rich, faintly echoing voices.

Most of their conversation was directed at Trelane, but Kirk was there to overhear every word of it. Kirk learned that Trelane was essentially a spoiled child who had created the planet of Gothos and everything on it for his own enjoyment, and everyone he sent down to Gothos were playmates to him. Trelane's parents presented a conflicting view: at one point, his mother referred to Humans as pets, telling Trelane that if he could not take proper care of his pets, he could not have them at all. (She might have been talking, hypothetically, about Humans.) Seconds later, however, his father told him, "They're beings, Trelane. They have spirit; they're superior." His mother then told him that when he grew up, he would understand. Trelane's arguments descended into childish whining, which drew a sharp rebuke from his father: if he did not stop whining, at once, then he would not be permitted to make any more planets.

After Trelane was gone, his parents apologized to Kirk, saying they would not have let Trelane intercept him if they had realized how vulnerable he was. Kirk's questions were essentially ignored, and Trelane's parents departed Gothos, promising to maintain the environment that Trelane had terraformed until Kirk left. (TOS: "The Squire of Gothos")

Although James Doohan has been credited for years as the voice of Trelane's father, the voice is really that of Bart LaRue. James Doohan confirmed this in an interview conducted 1988 and published in Starlog magazine. The voice of Trelane's mother was provided by Barbara Babcock.
The novel Q-Squared is based upon the premise that Trelane and Q are linked or related, going so far as to suggest that Trelane is Q's illegitimate son, although Q informs Captain Jean-Luc Picard that Trelane's parents are very highly regarded in the Q Continuum, making the idea of a relationship between Trelane's mother and Q scandalous at best.