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noun (pl. Trekkies) informal A fan of the US science fiction television program Star Trek
– From the Oxford English Dictionary [1]
Trekkies are forward looking people.
Robert Justman, interview on the TNG Season 1 DVD special feature "The Beginning".

There is an old debate about the term Trekker which in a sense means the same as trekkie, although the differences in terms are also debated among trekkies/trekkers.[2]


  • The term "Trekkie" seems to be the one most used in English-speaking countries.
  • The term "Trekker" is preferred by some Star Trek fans as the term "Trekkie" is considered to be a derogatory term. One joke is that Trekkers "know it's just a TV show" versus Trekkies, in reference to William Shatner's famous rant on Saturday Night Live.
  • One could argue that Trekkies could be so-called space-travelers: those interested (trivially) in space travel, but there is also a good chance trekkies are simply enjoying the show, just for fun.
  • According to the movie Trekkies 2, Gene Roddenberry once stated at a convention that, "It's Trekkies. I should know. I invented it."
  • A category of fans more related to DS9 and called "Niners", also exists.
  • The political weight of the Star Trek fans made it possible to impose the name Enterprise for the first American space shuttle built for the NASA (OV-101), whereas this one was to be called Constitution in the beginning, after a massive campaign of letters organized by Bjo Trimble produced more than 200,000 requests to President Gerald Ford.


  • William "Get a Life!" Shatner trashes Trekkies is a parody [3] played by Captain Kirk's actor on Saturday Night Live in 1986.
  • How to Blend With Trekkies Socially is a sort of recipe showing how to connect socially with this category of die-hard fans called "Trekkies".


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