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Trek vs. The Next Generation


From the book jacket
Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation are two of the most popular television series in the history of the medium. One arose from the other, yet they are very different. Although they both began as creative visions of Gene Roddenberry, different directors, writers and actors brought each to life. And they were created over twenty years apart. Fans of Star Trek insist that it is superior to The Next Generation while fans of The Next Generation loudly proclaim that the former are full of hot air. Conventions become lively with the heated disputes. Author James Van Hise presents the differences and similarities between the two shows and, in a balanced way, reveals the strengths and weaknesses of each.
Each series was created for a different time but with the same underlying spirit of cautious optimism and belief in humanity. The author, America's leading expert on Star Trek for over two decades is uniquely positioned to understand each series. He has repeatedly interviewed the actors and creators learning their approaches to their work. Trek Versus The Next Generation reveals the amazing insights he has discovered to millions of fascinated fans of both series.

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