A treaty port was a type of base established by the Federation with the cooperation of non-Federation civilizations.

In 2267, the Federation was dead set on establishing a treaty port in star cluster NGC 321. Ambassador Robert Fox explained that in the preceding twenty years, thousands of lives had been lost in its quadrant, lives that could have been saved had a treaty port been in place. In order to secure the port, Fox made contact with planet Eminiar VII despite initial attempts at communication resulted in a Code 710 message; do not approach the planet under any circumstance. (TOS: "A Taste of Armageddon")

It was not said if the port was established, though after the start of negotiations ambassador Fox reported that the outlook was hopeful.
Argelius II, a planet that was seemingly not a Federation member but which served as a strategically important Starfleet port, might have had a similar type of arrangement with the Federation.

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