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The Tralesta Massacre was a genocidal campaign waged against the Clan Tralesta by the Clan Lornak in 2286. The blood feud between these clans had started in 2086. There were five survivors, with the last survivor dying in 2366. This was one of the events that convinced the Acamarians into denouncing blood feuds and, by 2313, engaging in such a feud was a crime.

In 2366, this event was mentioned in a history file, which was accessible to the crew of the USS Enterprise-D via the Acamarian planetary database. (TNG: "The Vengeance Factor", okudagram)

In the pre-remastered version of the history file, it was stated the Clan Lornack used chemical and biological weapons against the Tralesta, which resulted in the mass eradication of clan members.

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