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Trajis Lo-Tarik

Trajis Lo-Tarik

Trajis Lo-Tarik was an illusory character in a humanoid appearance developed by Seven of Nine's mind when a radioactive Mutara class nebula started affecting her sensory nodes.

In Seven's mind, Lo-Tarik was a captain and pilot of a ship traveling through a radioactive Mutara-class nebula. Needing a spare microfusion chamber, Lo-Tarik was beamed aboard, where he talked to Seven about being alone. When he started mentioning things which he said he did not know about, Seven escorted him to a transporter room. When a hallucination of Tom Paris calling for help occurred, Lo-Tarik disappeared. Thinking that Lo-Tarik was real, Seven attempted to locate him, playing "games." In engineering, Seven decompressed the bridge (which was the location of Lo-Tarik); however, he arrived in engineering moments later. When The Doctor arrived to help Seven, he was able to figure out that Seven was hallucinating and that Lo-Tarik wasn't real. (VOY: "One")

Trajis Lo-Tarik was played by the actor Wade Williams.

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