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The Traitor's Claw was a 23rd century Kzinti police vessel. It was officially recorded as stolen in 2269, but was in fact a privateer in service of the Kzinti government, in violation of the Treaty of Sirius.

On stardate 4187.3, Chuft Captain and his crew lured the Starfleet shuttlecraft Copernicus to a small icebound world in the Beta Lyrae system, and took the shuttle's occupants prisoner aboard the Traitor's Claw. The Kzinti's goal was to regain control of a Slaver stasis box and the weapon it contained.

The Traitor's Claw was severely damaged and her crew killed when the weapon's self-destruct mechanism was activated in close proximity to the ship. (TAS: "The Slaver Weapon")

Traitors Claw damaged

Damage after explosion of the Slaver weapon

According to D.C. Fontana, the pink coloration of the vessel was a result of director Hal Sutherland being colorblind, and thus unable to discern it as anything but a shade of gray.[1]

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