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Traitors Claw
Traitors Claw.jpg

Traitors Claw

Class: Police cruiser
Affiliation: Kzin
Status: Active (2269)
Kzinti interior.jpg

Traitors Claw

Traitors Claw damaged

Damage after explosion of the Slaver weapon.

The Traitor's Claw was a 23rd century Kzinti police vessel. It was described as a stolen privateer, but was actually authorized for use in violation of the Treaty of Sirius by the Highest of Kzin.

In 2269, this ship was taken to the Beta Lyrae system by Chuft Captain, in order to use an empty Slaver stasis box to attract a shuttlecraft of Starfleet officers carrying a second Slaver box.

The ship was severely damaged when the contents of the second box, a Slaver weapon, was set to self-destruct outside the ship. (TAS: "The Slaver Weapon")

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