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The Trager was a Cardassian Galor-class cruiser that was in service with the Cardassian military in the mid-24th century. Trager was under the command of Gul Macet.

In 2367, the Trager attacked the USS Enterprise-D in retaliation for the USS Phoenix's unauthorized attacks on Cardassian starships. The Trager proved no match for the Galaxy-class starship. (TNG: "The Wounded")

The Trager was the first Cardassian starship seen in Star Trek.
The ship was also mentioned in the DS9 novels Demons of Air and Darkness, This Gray Spirit, Lesser Evil and Unity. In Demons of Air and Darkness, it was revealed that the Trager was one of the ships that participated in Legate Damar's assault against the Dominion cloning facility on Rondac III.

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