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Towles in 2369

Wallace and Towles

Towles (right) and Darien Wallace

Ensign Towles was a female operations division crewmember aboard the USS Enterprise-D in the late 2360s and early 2370s.

She served as relief ops officer during the absence of Lieutenant Commander Data in late 2369. Due to temporal fragments she was like the rest of the crew frozen in time. (TNG: "Timescape")

When most of the ship's crew searched a planet in the Delta Quadrant for Data and the rogue Borg Crosis, Towles and Darian Wallace were assigned to man the command post. (TNG: "Descent")

Ensign Towles was played by recurring background actress Kathy who received no credit for her appearances.
She was identified by name in the episode "Descent" and named after script typist Daryl Towles.

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