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Tosk's starship

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Tosks ship

A Tosk starship docked with Deep Space 9

The Tosk starship was a type of small spacecraft used by the Tosk during the late-24th century. Their engineering systems were equipped with arva nodes for collecting space matter and converting it into usable coladrium fuel. When in motion, the ship's engines also gave off detectable ionized L-band emissions, identical to that of the Hunters' ship.

In 2369, a single Tosk piloted a ship of this type through the Bajoran Wormhole from the Gamma Quadrant to Deep Space 9 in the Alpha Quadrant. The ship was damaged after being attacked by the Hunters, but Chief Miles O'Brien was able to repair it and assist the Tosk pilot in escaping his pursuers. (DS9: "Captive Pursuit")

Interior Edit

For more information on history of this studio model, please see: studio models (TNG).

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