Toscat was an Ocampan elder in the underground caverns of Ocampa.

When some of the USS Voyager and Maquis crew visited the Ocampa settlement, they met Toscat. He was a fervent follower of the Caretaker's ideals and was skeptical of stories of the Ocampa having had great mental abilities. He was also against going to the surface of the planet and urged Kes and her friends not to do so. (VOY: "Caretaker")

Toscat was played by actor David Selburg.
In the first draft script of "Caretaker", Toscat was described thus; "He's not an unlikeable person; but he represents the attitudes of those who have settled for being taking care of, and who no longer questions that way of life." The script also referred to him as lacking practice with speaking.

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