DaiMon Torrot was a Ferengi assimilated by the Borg. In 2375, when the USS Voyager encountered a Borg vinculum infected by Species 6339's synthetic pathogen, Seven of Nine began to experience the personalities of various assimilated individuals, including DaiMon Torrot.

Seven, as Torrot, offered Kathryn Janeway 20 bars of latinum for the viewscreen in Voyagers astrometrics lab. After identifying "himself" as DaiMon Torrot, he took it as an insult that Janeway questioned "his" identity as a Ferengi, asking "Is that some kind of insult about the size of my ears?"

To explain why he was there, The Doctor claimed that they were treating Torrot for Ankaran flu and needed to get him to sickbay. Upon being informed that the treatment was free of charge, he agreed to allow it, adding that "he" had been having a nagging pain in "his" lower left lobe, and suggested that Voyager's EMH run a complete tricardial diagnostic on "him" because the Ferengi Health Commission had been trying to revoke "his" trading license.

Upon arriving in sickbay, Torrot proceeded to criticize the equipment there. He offered to broker a deal with a medical supplier for new fixtures, lowering his commission to "a mere thirty percent.", an offer The Doctor sarcastically called "generous". When The Doctor activated a force field to keep Seven confined, Torrot accused them of kidnapping "him". Shortly afterward, Seven's personality switched to that of Gregory Bergan's mother.

Later, when Tuvok mind melded with her to stabilize her neural pattern, "he" tried to buy something else from them. (VOY: "Infinite Regress")

Torrot was played by actress Jeri Ryan.
Given that Torrot knew about the Galaxy-class, he must've been assimilated between 2364 and 2375.