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Torothan cruiser

A Torothan cruiser flies overhead

The Torothan cruiser was a type of planetary patrol vessel used by the Torothan government on the Torothan homeworld.

They were used to attack the encampments of clans they considered "terrorists," such as Zobral's clan inside the Cygniai Expanse. They usually began their bombardment after dark, which only lasted a few hours.

In 2152, Torothan cruisers were attacking encampments while Captain Jonathan Archer and Commander Charles Tucker III were visiting Zobral's settlement. After a series of attacks, they were still combing the desert the next day and flew over the two, forcing them to hide in the sand. Captain Archer described the sound the cruiser made as "much bigger" than a shuttlepod. (ENT: "Desert Crossing")

A Torothan Cruiser was described, in the final draft script of "Desert Crossing", as "large."
Whether the cruisers were also designed to be flown in space or not was not shown in the episode.

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