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Toronto City Hall

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Iconian gateway toronto

Toronto City Hall seen through an Iconian gateway

Toronto City Hall was a prominent landmark in Toronto, Canada. Among the various locations seen through the gateway discovered on Iconia was a building which strongly resembled the Toronto City Hall. (TNG: "Contagion")

Background Information

The building is located at 100 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Because of its modern design by Finnish architect Viljo Revell, Toronto City Hall has been used in various films including Resident Evil: Apocalypse where it represented the Umbrella Headquarters in Raccoon City and the 1980 film The Kidnapping of the President starring William Shatner.


Gold key 5 toronto city hall

"The Ghost Planet"'s comic book image of the building

In one of the Gold Key comics published by Western Publishing, #5: "The Ghost Planet", in September 1969 (later reprinted as issue #37 in May 1976), the artist Alberto Giolitti drew a building that looked just like the Toronto City Hall.

Contrary to accounts published online, footage or stills of Toronto City Hall are not seen in "All Our Yesterdays".

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