Torga IV was the planet in the Torga planetary system. This was an uninhabited planet in the Gamma Quadrant. The planet was approximately three weeks from a Dominion base, and fifty thousand light years from Deep Space 9. This planet possessed rich resources of cormaline.

In 2373, a group of Starfleet officers from Deep Space 9, led by Captain Benjamin Sisko, visited the planet in a runabout in order to determine the feasibility of establishing a mining operation on the planet. Although the cormaline was only a few hundred meters below the planet's surface, the main threat to any possible mining operation was the planet's proximity to Dominion space.

Indeed, the Dominion arrived soon after, when a Jem'Hadar ship carrying a Founder crashed on the planet. After Sisko and his team occupied it, another Jem'Hadar ship arrived and destroyed the team's runabout, killing its crew, including Hoya. A bitter siege ensued that led to the deaths of Enrique Muniz, T'Lor and the Founder, as well as Kilana's Jem'Hadar. The crew was later able to remove the ship from Torga IV with the help of the USS Defiant. (DS9: "The Ship")

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 75), the Torga system was in the non-aligned system, in the Gamma Quadrant. This system was a single star system. Primary was a Class M star with a magnitude of +7, which was 1/10 as bright as Sol.

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