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Tora Naprem was a Bajoran woman who fell in love and had an affair with Gul Dukat when he was prefect of Bajor during the Occupation. The two conceived a child, Tora Ziyal, in 2353.

Dukat, who saw that the occupation was coming to an end, sent Naprem and Ziyal away to Lissepia to live out their lives in relative peace since they wouldn't be accepted either on Cardassia or Bajor. However, their transport, the Ravinok, was attacked by Breen and crash landed on Dozaria. Naprem died in the crash and was buried near the wreckage.

Dukat and Major Kira Nerys later found the Ravinok, and identified Naprem's remains based on her Bajoran earring, as well as the Bajoran pledge bracelet signifying her relationship with Dukat. (DS9: "Indiscretion")

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