Topaline ore

Topaline ore

Topaline was a rare mineral critical to the function of life support systems in the 23rd century. Naturally-occurring, topaline also had sensor-disrupting properties.

In 2153, while evading Xindi-Reptilian seekers, Captain Archer, Lieutenant Reed, Major Hayes, and the Xindi-Arboreal Gralik Durr took refuge in a cave containing topaline ore, through which the seekers could not scan. (ENT: "The Shipment")

In 2267, Captain Kirk attempted to secure topaline mining rights on Capella IV, competing with Klingon interests on the planet. (TOS: "Friday's Child")

According to the Starfleet Medical Reference Manual, (p.19) the element topaline, symbol To, atomic weight 306, atomic number 117, was first discovered by Humans on the moon Ganymede in 2021.

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