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Tony Meininger was a studio model creator who, as an independent contractor operating his own modelling shop, Brazil-Fabrication & Design. He began his association with the franchise with an early single contribution as an outside subcontractor to Star Trek: The Next Generation, in the form of the Delta Rana warship physical studio model, before he became the main studio model supplier for the first four seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and first two seasons of Star Trek: Voyager.

He built the models of the Template:ShipClass, the Template:ShipClass ships and the Federation attack fighter as well as the miniatures for the Star Trek: Voyager pilot episode "Caretaker" with the exception of the Maquis raider. He also modified the Template:ShipClass model to become the Template:ShipClass in Deep Space Nine's third season. Meininger's most notable work were the physical hero studio models of the space station Deep Space 9 and USS Voyager. Meininger also worked as model maker on the Spaceborne lifeforms in The Next Generation episode "Galaxy's Child" in 1990.

Outside Star Trek, he worked as model shop department manager for the science fiction film Mission to Mars (2000) and the action comedy Shanghai Noon (2000).

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