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Tony Cicci was a holographic mob enforcer character in the Vic Fontaine program. Cicci was the muscle behind the operation, roughing up Vic on numerous occasions. Known for having a violent temper, he once assaulted a waiter because he didn't like the taste of a sandwich. He befriended Odo and hired Ezri as a cocktail waitress, unwittingly aiding in the million-dollar heist of Frankie Eyes and Carl Zeemo's safe, thereby ending his own existence (by providing an "out" to the jack-in-the-box subroutine).

The Tony Cicci character was created by Felix, the creator of the Vic Fontaine program. Part of the Jack-in-the-box subroutine, the character self-terminated when the subroutine was defeated by Vic and company. Although described as being "period-specific", Tony Cicci was (unlike Vic) not a self-aware program. (DS9: "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang")

Tony Cicci was played by actor Mike Starr.
According to the script, his last name was pronounced as "cheech". [1]

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