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Yeoman Tonia Barrows served aboard the USS Enterprise in 2267.

That year, she was one of several crewmembers briefly trapped on the Shore Leave Planet. While there, she was accosted twice by recreations of legendary rake Don Juan. She found a dress, exactly the sort she imagined a princess of the "blood royale" might wear.

She was later romanced by Doctor McCoy. She later saw McCoy apparently murdered by the Black Knight, and briefly blamed herself for this, before Captain Kirk helped her regain her composure.

When McCoy returned to the surface, from where he'd been taken for medical care, she took umbrage to the two Rigelian chorus girls he brought with him. His apologetic "After all, I am on shore leave" brought him a frosty "And so am I". (TOS: "Shore Leave")

Tonia Barrows was portrayed by actress Emily Banks.
According to a comic issue of DC's TOS volume 1 series (#56), Barrows eventually earned a promotion to lieutenant, and served aboard the USS Defiant, although she was injured and left the vessel before the events chronicled in "The Tholian Web".
In David R. George III's novel, Provenance of Shadows, it is revealed that Barrows and McCoy resumed their romance not once, but twice, eventually marrying.

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