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Tomalak's Warbird

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Tomalak's Warbird
D'deridex class, forward.jpg

Tomalak's Warbird

Class: D'deridex-class
Owner: Romulan Star Empire
Status: Active (2366)

Tomalak's Warbird was a Template:ShipClass Romulan Warbird commanded by Commander Tomalak during the mid-2360s.

In 2366, the Warbird was ordered to violate the Romulan Neutral Zone to rescue the crew of the Romulan scout ship Pi, that had crash-landed on Galorndon Core. Discovered by the USS Enterprise-D, the Warbird stayed in orbit until the rescue was complete. (TNG: "The Enemy")

Later that year, Tomalak may have been in command of the same Warbird during events surrounding Alidar Jarok's defection to the Federation. (TNG: "The Defector")

In Q's anti-time present, Tomalak commanded the Warbird IRW Terix. (TNG: "All Good Things...")

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