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Tom Piedmont is a compositor and visual effects artist. He is did the digital plate restoration for 2009's Star Trek.

Piedmont began his professional career in July 2005 working for Sassoon Film Design on the IMAX documentaries Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D (which featured the voice of Neal McDonough) and Roving Mars. Following his work on these projects, he joined Digital Domain in January 2006 and served as an effects dustbuster on the acclaimed films Zodiac (featuring Zach Grenier, Thomas Kopache, John Carroll Lynch, J. Patrick McCormack, and Matt Winston) and Flags of Our Fathers (featuring Michael Canavan, Len Cariou, Gordon Clapp, David Clennon, Michael Cumpsty, James Horan, Neal McDonough, and Harve Presnell).

In June 2006, Piedmont returned to Sassoon Film Design to do rotoscoping work for the National Geographic documentary Roar 3D: Lions of the Kalihari. The following, he was a digital artist on another National Geographic film, Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure. In between these projects, Piedmont was again employed by Digital Domain to provide dustbusting for the films Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (featuring Lee Arenberg, Vanessa Branch, and Greg Ellis) and We Own the Night.

Between July 2007 and the spring of 2008, Piedmont was a Dustbusting Lead at Digital Domain, during which time he worked on the films The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising, The Golden Compass, and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. He also did uncredited rotoscoping work for Speed Racer.

On most of his projects for Digital Domain, Piedmont worked alongside Star Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek Nemesis digital effects compositor Brian Begun. Piedmont also worked with Nemesis scanning and recording operator Chad E. Collier on all Digital Domain projects, with the exception of Zodiac. Other Star Trek alumni he has worked with as part of Digital Domain include Nancy Adams, Sonja Burchard, Jesse James Chisholm, Brandon Davis, Sean Devereaux, Scott Edelstein, Bryan Grill, Claas Henke, Brad Kalinoski, Errol Lanier, Sophia Lo, Michael Maloney, Howie Muzika, Dan Patterson, Michael Pecchia, Marc Perrera, Darren M. Poe, Kelly Port, Rick Rische, Todd Sarsfield, Ziad Seirafi, Karen N. Sickles, Antonio Torres, Jens Zalzala, and Patrick Zentis.

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