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Mercy hospital intern 1 a medical intern

Tom Mustin is an actor who played a medical intern in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Mustin has played in the films Seeds of Tragedy (1991, with Alison Brooks, Lisa Lord, Conor O'Farrell, and Tom Virtue), Death Dreams (1991, with Fionnula Flanagan, Conor O'Farrell, and Kevin McCorkle), Mad at the Moon (1992, with Fionnula Flanagan), Somebody Is Waiting (1996, with Jeanetta Arnette, Lisa Lord, John Pyper-Ferguson, Maury Sterling, and Jason Grant Smith), and Above Suspicion (2000, with Scott Bakula and Jack Blessing), and in the L.A. Law episode "Petticoat Injunction" (1988, with Corbin Bernsen).

Tom Mustin is currently a television anchor and reporter at the local CBS station in Denver, Colorado.

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