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Toby Cypress (born 1974) is a comic book artist who grew up with monster movies and morning cartoons. He graduated from the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon, and Graphic Art in 1997. Over the next few years, he worked for all of the major comic book publishers, including a run with WildStorm Comics penciling and doing covers for a Deep Space Nine mini-series. He most famous works are likely his Batman: Gotham Knights series and The Tourist graphic novel, both of which he penciled and inked. He is currently self-publishing stories including Hatestreet and Rodd Racer through his Punkrock*Jazz studio.

Star Trek creditsEdit

  1. "N-Vector, Chapter 1"
  2. "N-Vector, Chapter 2"
  3. "N-Vector, Chapter 3"
  4. "N-Vector, Chapter 4"

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