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To Boldly Go (documentary)

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Kelley on TNG set

Kelley hosting

Kelley and McFadden tour sickbay set

Kelley and McFadden tour the TNG sickbay set

To Boldly Go was a ten-minute Star Trek: The Next Generation documentary produced at the behest of the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) in 1990 for their current affairs series PrimeTime Live. It was broadcast on 27 September 1990 as part of the second season of that series. The featurette was hosted by DeForest Kelley, who playfully adopted his curmudgeon alter ego character of Leonard McCoy. Kelley visited the set of The Next Generation around the time when the season four episodes "Family" and "Future Imperfect" were in production.

Apart from talking to actors and production staffers like Gates McFadden and Michael Westmore, it also featured behind-the-scenes footage, among others staff meetings, application of makeup and the designing and filming of the McKinley-type studio model. Majel Barrett reprises her role as the computer voice for a short segment in the turbolift.

Produced by ABC staffers Neil Shapiro and Eric Dennis, the featurette has never been released as or included as a special feature in any of the home media formats afterwards. Not seen for decades, it has recently resurfaced on internet websites like YouTube.


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