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"Ah, sunshine. I miss sunshine."
– Timor, 2371 ("Equilibrium")

Timor was a Trill Guardian in the 24th century on Trill.

In 2371, Timor helped Jadzia Dax identify the source of recurring dreams as stemming from the memories of one of the previous hosts of the Dax symbiont. Timor was initially eager to help the symbiont and Jadzia, but after pressure from the Symbiosis Commission, which was engaged in a cover-up regarding the previous host Joran Belar, he became less helpful and resisted persuasion from Benjamin Sisko and Julian Bashir.

Timor later guided Jadzia to a pool where the memories of Joran could be brought forward. (DS9: "Equilibrium")

Timor was played by Nicholas Cascone.

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