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"Alive, I am a greater threat to my world than a dying sun."
– Timicin, 2367 ("Half a Life")

Doctor Timicin was a leading scientist from the planet Kaelon II, born in 2307.

In 2367, the Kaelons turned to the Federation for help as the sun of his homeworld was dying and time was running out. Starfleet was able to assist in an experiment developed by Dr. Timicin designed to revitalize the Kaelon sun. This process was known as helium fusion enhancement, and a test was performed in the Praxillus system on a similar star that took Starfleet three years to find. Timicin had spent forty years of his life creating the necessary programming for the modified photon torpedoes to initiate the reaction, with Data praising his work.

At first, the experiment seemed successful, with a stable stellar temperature of 220,000,000 Kelvin reached momentarily, but the sun's temperature continued to rise to dangerous levels, forcing the starship to evacuate the system and return to Kaelon II. At that point, Timicin became involved with Lwaxana Troi and fell in love with her.

He was forced to stop his work because he was turning sixty, the age when Kaelons are supposed to commit suicide in a ritual known as Resolution. Lwaxana convinced Timicin to reject the Resolution. Timicin at first refused to do this, but reconsidered when he discovered how close his research had brought him toward saving his planet's sun. Investigating convection boundary uncoupling and hydrogen-alpha emissions, and having considered shock wave delay at the stellar surface, Dr. Timicin found that he needed to account for neutron migration in his calculations, which already included the deep convection patterns, the proton reactions, and the neutrino count. Timicin surmised it would take others decades to familiarize themselves with his work and possibly save the Kaelon sun, something that would take him only half the time.

With this in mind, he asked Jean-Luc Picard to grant him asylum aboard the USS Enterprise-D. The planet's authorities dispatched warships and ordered them to fire on the Enterprise-D if the ship left with Timicin, and cut him off from making any further transmissions about his project, refusing to listen to him even if he perfected his experiment. Timicin's daughter Dara transported aboard and pleaded with him to accept the Resolution and his world's traditions. Timcin was swayed by his daughter's words, and withdrew his request for asylum and returned to Kaelon II to perform his Resolution, accompanied by Troi. (TNG: "Half a Life")

Timicin was played by actor David Ogden Stiers.

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