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Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)
You may also be looking for the TAS episode "The Time Trap".

Captain Kirk is stranded in a strange new Klingon Empire – one hundred years in the future!


From the book jacket
In a remote area of Federation space, the Enterprise picks up an urgent distress signal – from a Klingon vessel! Tracking the S.O.S., the crew finds the Klingon cruiser Mauler, trapped in a dimensional storm of unprecedented power. Yet paradoxically, the ship refuses both the Enterprise's call and the offers of help.
Determined to discover what the Klingons are doing in Federation space, Kirk beams aboard their ship with a security team, just as the storm flares to its highest intensity. As the bridge crew watches in horror, Mauler vanishes from the Enterprise's viewscreen.
And James T. Kirk awakens... one hundred years in the future.

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Memorable quotesEdit

"... Klanth, commanding. Failure of vessel structure accelerating. Destruction of Mauler imminent. Crew conduct exemplary. Request commendations to be sent to the clans of all. I personally commend all of us to the gods. Survive and succeed!"

- Klanth, broadcasting the Mauler's distress call


James T. Kirk
Montgomery Scott
Leonard McCoy 
Hikaru Sulu
Pavel Chekov
Ginny Crandall 
Starfleet officer at the Weapons and Defense station when the Enterprise encountered the storm.


Tholian space

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