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Tim Storms, KirShara a Vulcan commando

Timothy "Tim" Storms is a stuntman and stunt actor who performed stunts in several episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. He received no on-screen credits for his appearances.

Among his stunt resume are films such as Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993, with Patrick Stewart, Chase Masterson, Brian George, and Scott Leva), Swordfish (2001, with Rudolf Martin, Zach Grenier, Dana Hee, Denney Pierce, Joey Box, Rusty McClennon, Mark Riccardi, Mark Chadwick, Kevin Derr, Spiro Razatos, and Monica Staggs), Spider-man 2 (2004, with Kirsten Dunst, Donna Murphy, Daniel Dae Kim, Kelly Connell, Jill Sayre, Rachelle Roderick, and stunts by Doug Coleman, Eliza Coleman, Brennan Dyson, John Escobar, Jimmy Ortega, Katie Rowe, and Boni Yanagisawa), Safe (2006) and television series such as The Bold and the Beautiful.

In 2001 he served as stunt coordinator and associate producer for the short film Chicks with Sticks, a fight story.

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