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TNG Main stand-ins Season 4

McCormack (second from right) and fellow TNG stand-ins

File:Bennett, The Naked Now.jpg
Denver dead bodies a dead body in "Ethics"

Celebrating 100 episodes 2

Celebrating 100 episodes in 1991.

Timothy "Spike" McCormack is a Hollywood-based actor who appeared as regular background actor in the role of Ensign Bennett throughout the first four years on Star Trek: The Next Generation. McCormack was also the main stand-in for Data actor Brent Spiner. In addition, he portrayed a dead body in the fifth season episode "Ethics" in 1992.

Other stand-in work on Star Trek: TNG includes:

McCormack was also a regular background actor on the television series The Colbys (1985-1987, with Nana Visitor, Ricardo Montalban, Stephanie Beacham, and Tracy Scoggins). He appeared in the 1979 drama Gal Young 'Un and was featured in the Miami Vice episode "The Lost Madonna" (1989, directed by Chip Chalmers).

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