New Sydney surface

The Tigan family home on New Sydney

Tigan Family

Insignia of the Tigan family business

The Tigan family was the family of Ezri Tigan, the last known Trill joined to the Dax symbiont.

The family, as of 2375, was made up of Yanas, Ezri's mother, Janel, the eldest son, Ezri, and her youngest son Norvo. The family was living in New Sydney and owned one of the largest pergium mines in the Sappora system. During the course of one of Ezri's visits home, she discovered that her two brothers were associated with the Orion Syndicate. (DS9: "Prodigal Daughter")

The name of Ezri's father was mentioned in her personnel file in "Field of Fire" but was nearly undecipherable. It might be Lazo.

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