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Tiberius Kirk was the father of George Kirk and the paternal grandfather of George Samuel Kirk and James T. Kirk. His name was the source of his grandson James Tiberius Kirk's middle name.

In the alternate reality, his given name was suggested by his daughter-in-law, Winona, as a first name for their newborn son. George disagreed with the choice, and opted to have his son named after his father-in-law, James. (Star Trek)

John M. Ford's TOS novel How Much for Just the Planet? (1987) previously established that "Tiberius" was handed down from James Kirk's great-grandfather. The idea was also included in the first draft script of DS9: "Trials and Tribble-ations", in which he was given the full name "Tiberius Edmund Kirk". Also in that script, Benjamin Sisko started saying, "[He] was one of the first men to climb the..." though Jadzia Dax then interrupted Sisko.

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