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Thrax was the Cardassian chief security officer assigned to Terok Nor in the 2360s. He was replaced by Odo around 2365.

Odo, Jadzia Dax, Benjamin Sisko, and Elim Garak experienced a shared telepathic reality in which Thrax arrested them for the attempted murder of Dukat. They assumed the identities of three Bajorans that were executed for the attempted murder. Even though Thrax could have investigated further and cleared the men, he did not. As the telepathic reality played out it was discovered that Odo, not Thrax, was the one who let the prisoners die. (DS9: "Things Past")

Thrax was played by Kurtwood Smith. The character appears in the "Foundlings" short story in the Prophecy and Change anthology. He later appeared in the Star Trek: Terok Nor novels Night of the Wolves and Dawn of the Eagles, where he was given the full name Thrax Sa'kat. Ronald D. Moore has stated that Thrax was possibly Odo's mysterious informant from "Improbable Cause". (AOL chat, 1997)
The Star Trek Customizable Card Game uses a modified picture of Thrax for the character Ghoren.

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