Thoron rifle

Tom Paris test firing a thoron-based disruptor rifle

A Thoron rifle was a type of thoron-based hand-held directed energy particle rifle weapon.

In 2373, the Ilari used thoron rifles. When Tieran had taken over the mind of Kes, Demmas said he would like to kill her with his thoron rifle. (VOY: "Warlord")

In 2374, most of Entharan arms dealer Kovin's hand-held disruptors were thoron-based. According to Seven of Nine, thoron-based weapons could be unstable. Kovin however claimed he had been able to compensate for any instability by polarizing the emitter matrix. Tom Paris test fired a terawatt powered thoron particle beam disruptor rifle. It had a four micro second recharge cycle and a range of ten kilometers. Seven analyzed its discharge of 72% fragmentation and 28% vaporization to be crude, but efficient. Paris felt it was not as accurate as Starfleet-issue compression rifles, but a lot easier to handle. According to Seven, a thermal guidance sensor added to the targeting mechanism would improve the accuracy of the weapon by 24%. (VOY: "Retrospect")

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