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Thompson (Equinox Crewman)

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Thompson was a Human Starfleet officer assigned to the USS Equinox as a junior science officer, and was pulled into the Delta Quadrant in 2371 by the Caretaker.

In 2376, his crew sent a distress call which was answered by the USS Voyager. When the rescue party found him, he was armed in a crew quarters, and started firing at the rescue team. They had to stun him, before bringing him aboard Voyager for medical treatment. (VOY: "Equinox")

Days later when the Equinox crew stole Voyager's field generator, and Lieutenant Burke mutinied, he took the tactical controls at the conn. When it was clear the ship was going to be destroyed, he suggested surrendering to Voyager, but Burke told him to follow him to the Shuttlebay on deck 3. All of the crew that remained aboard Equinox, including him, were killed by the nucleogenic lifeforms. (VOY: "Equinox, Part II")

Thompson was portrayed by actor Steve Dennis.

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