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Thomas Wood, Fascination a contact juggler

Thomas J. Wood (born 25 August 1969; age 48) is an artist who appeared as a contact juggler in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Fascination". As a background actor he received no credit for his performance.

Wood is a professional juggler, fire eater, comedian, martial artist, actor, and entertainment artist who is skilled in juggling with juggling balls, torches, knives, bowling balls, crystal balls, and full glasses of water. He attended the North Tahoe High School in Truckee, California and the Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California.

Also a SAG member, Wood appeared in the television series Party of Five and Pacific Blue, the movies Houdini (1998, with Paul Sorvino, David Warner, Ron Perlman, and Judy Geeson) and Uncle Sam (1997, with Christopher Ogden, Mark Chadwick, and Chris Durand), and television commercials for Lexus and Sunsweet. Among his thousands of live performances and tours in the last twenty years are pre-concert shows for artists such as Sheryl Crow and Bob Dylan, appearances for Disneyland, MTV Networks, and the CeBit in Germany, and thirteen US tours.

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