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Thomas J. Booth

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Klingon warrior 3, 2368 a Klingon warrior

Holodeck security officer, 2367 an operations division officer

Thomas J. Booth was an actor who appeared as a Klingon warrior in the Star Trek: The Next Generation fifth season episode "Redemption II" in 1991. He filmed his scenes on Tuesday 16 July 1991 and Wednesday 17 July 1991 on Paramount Stage 9 and 16. [1] He also appeared as an operations division officer in the episodes "Identity Crisis", "Qpid" "Ensign Ro", and "The Outcast"

Booth was born in 1960 and was a Screen Actors Guild member. [2] In 2006 he passed away due to kidney disease. He is survived by his wife Julie Harmata Booth and their 3 children Tommy, Becky and Jenna. [3]

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