Vice Admiral Thomas Henry was a male Human Starfleet officer of the 24th century. By 2367, he became the Chief of Starfleet Security.

Henry had worked closely with Admiral Norah Satie.

In 2367, he was involved in the apparent conspiracy investigation on the USS Enterprise-D when its dilithium chamber exploded and a Klingon spy found. Starfleet Command sent Satie to the Enterprise to conduct the investigation. When it had even led to Captain Jean-Luc Picard being questioned, Henry went to the Enterprise to witness the proceedings. When Picard quoted Admiral Satie's father, the late Judge Aaron Satie in his own defense, Admiral Satie's furious tirade against Picard caused Henry to walk out of the hearing, thus discrediting both it and Satie.

Henry ordered an end to Satie's investigation soon after, having become clear that she was zealously pursuing the investigation, in the absence of evidence, for personal reasons. (TNG: "The Drumhead")

Admiral Henry was played by Earl Billings. He had no dialogue in the aired episode.
The script for "The Drumhead" describes Henry as "a greying Starfleet Admiral"; however he is depicted differently in the aired episode." [1]

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