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Thirty-Sixth UK Story Arc

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In command of he giant starship Enterprise, Captain Kirk had destroyed a Klingon battle fleet and saved the planet Thark from being plundered. Now Kirk and his crew returned to their role of peaceful exploration and contact...


In a conflict between the planet Sklurr and her Romulan-controlled neighbor Karr, Captain Kirk and the ruler of Sklurr are captured by Romulans and destined to amuse the mob by facing the perils of the arena.

Memorable quotes

"It– it was as though Enterprise was being squeezed– by a gigantic nutcracker!"

- Spock

"Good grief! Get back! It's occupied... by some kind of giant snail!"

- Kirk


Setting and technology

Kirk makes contact with sentient snails

Kirk contacts the sentient snails

  • This story picks up shortly after the prior story, placing it between 2267 and 2269.
  • The Romulans are portrayed as Roman soldiers.
  • The shuttle has a registry of NCC-1701-3. Shuttle "NCC-1701/3" was named Icarus in the apocryphal story "The Flat, Gold Forever".

Publishing history

None of the UK weekly stories had titles.


Regular cast

Other characters

  • Nereus, Romulan commander

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