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Theta VIII

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Theta VIII
Theta 116 VIII, remastered.jpg

Theta VIII from orbit

Class: K (transjovian)
Type: Planet
Location: Theta 116 system
Theta VIII surface.jpg

The surface of Theta VIII

Theta VIII (or Theta Eight) was the uninhabited eighth planet of the Theta 116 system. This world had an orbital period of 832 days, and a rotational period of 15.3 hours. A K-class transjovian planet, the atmosphere of Theta 116 VIII was composed of nitrogen (57%), methane (23%), liquid neon (14%), yurium (2%), keimium compounds (2%), ethane (1%), and tormium (trace). The average surface temperature was −291°, with wind speeds of up to 320 meters per second. Interesting weather phenomena included ammonia tornadoes. Its age was estimated at 7.2e12×1012 solar years, and during that time it had built up a mass of 4.35e12×1012 kilograms.

In the 21st century, the NASA spacecraft Charybdis was brought on orbit by an unknown intelligence which had inadvertently killed all but one of its crew, Colonel Stephen G. Richey. The intelligence attempted to create an environment for him where he could live, in the form of a small pocket of Earth-like atmosphere on the surface. In it was the entryway to a replica of the namesake hotel from the novel Hotel Royale carried by Richey.

Richey lived in room 727 of the hotel until he died in his sleep in 2082. The hotel was located on a plane of frozen methane with the dimensions of 5.02 × 7.9 kilometers, in the middle of a tremendous storm belt, described as like being in the "eye of a hurricane." The Hotel itself had the following dimensions: 127 × 53 × 244 meters.

Remains of the Charybdis were detected by a Klingon cruiser in 2365. They were found to have molecular disintegration similar to those caused by 24th century-level weapon impacts. The USS Enterprise-D investigated the planet and discovered Richey's fate. (TNG: "The Royale")

The planet model for Theta VIII was first used for Angel I in "Angel One". It would be used again for Minos in "The Arsenal of Freedom" and would be later used for Legara IV in "Sarek".

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